About Us

 Blogger introduction:
'' is Education blog for all the Students.This blog also help students for all type of Competitive Exam and study.Our mission is all the subject information reach to students through Internet.'' blog created by Sandip Chandra Barman.

My identity:
My name is Sandip Chandra Barman. I have working in an education institute. I am a blogger and I have a YouTube channel that contains education tutorials and suggestion. you can find my channel link somewhere in this blog . this blog is a simple block for my tutorial. you may not find anything here.


  1. Your information on the new CDS appointment on Telegram is completely false. Even the name of the possible successor is also misspelled. When you are claiming to be an education related site, such mistakes should be unpardonable as it's being spread through social media. Please correct or delete it.

    1. আপনি ভালো করে সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া সাইট গুলো দেখুন । তাহলেই দেখতে পাবেন এই তথ্যটি ভুল না সঠিক । ধ্যনবাদ


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